Civil Matters

Civil Matters

Matrimonial Screening

It is always better to be informed about the alliance now than landing up in a divorce later. We keep a close watch on the subject and gather evidence so as to help you in forming better relation for future. In matrimonial enquiry, we provide you a detailed report concerning the family, age, address, education, character and reputation, past history, assets, financial background, social background, official position or other required details of the person.

Matrimonial / Extra Marital Affairs

Matrimonial / Extra marital affairs are relationships outside of marriage where an illicit romantic or sexual relationship or a romantic friendship or passionate attachment occurs. Here at our company, we provide you a detailed investigation on any such matters with complete devotion and all the related information regarding the other person.

Character Verification

Our agency allows the opportunity for our clients to have a clear verification of the character of person before going into any kind of alliance with him/her. The true and up-to-date information is provided to our customers with regards to character, reputation and other details of the person.

Employer's / Service Verification

It is a wise act to have in hand details of the organisation where a person yearns to get employed.
We offer employment services to people at different levels, be it entry level or senior level. In this area,we give the person detailed particulars of the company,specifically about the goodwill, norms and procedures, values, employment details, fringe benefits offered, financial status and other matters as per requirement.

Background Verification

Background screen is the most cost effective way of finding out the trustworthy and efficient employees.We offer screening services to various organizations at different levels, be it entry level or senior level. Background Screening protects you and your firm against internal fraud and malpractice. We research the background of a potential or already appointed employee by verifying his identity, address, education, previous employment, criminal records, hidden assets, litigation records, financial malpractices and other matters as per the requirement.

Property Verification

Experience teaches us that it is always better to be well-informed about the solvency and stability of a client before entering into a financial transaction with him. We gather financial information about your potential client. We verify the genuineness of the declared assets of the debtor. In cases of litigations, we search out all the information about the hidden movable and immovable assets and properties of the debtor. We help you in tracing the absconder. On requirement we also obtain the details of the relevant documents like encumbrance certificate, possession certificate and ownership deed.Asset verification helps our clients in recovering their hard earned money.

Tracing Missing Person

To step up efforts to trace missing people,our agency lend a helping hand to this concern. We help our clients in locating near and dear ones, family members or any other old members of your family and mentally challenged people who are missing. We are well skilled and help you meet your loved ones.We cross check photographs, possessions and all additional information of missing people and provide a clearer way to find people.Our services give positive results sure shot and effectively locate the missing people

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